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Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery For Manufacturing Companies In Australia

Be prepared for
anything and everything

Get IT taken off your plate with BDR as part of your managed IT service.

Peace of mind with
24/7 protection

Minimise your

Protect your

Downtime can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars every hour.

And it doesn’t take much for business operations to come to a grinding halt.

  • Hardware failures
  • Natural disaster
  • Cyber attacks
  • Human error
  • Data corruption

What would this cost your business reputationally and financially?

How we help:

Comprehensive planning

Know the risks and how to mitigate them.

Regular testing

Confidence you can recover when you need it most.

Resilient backups

Continuous backups to multiple locations with daily offsites.

Instant recovery

Reduce downtime with instant virtualisation.

Cloud protection

Fully backup mailboxes and files in Microsoft 365.

Encrypted & secure

Data encrypted in transit and at rest.

It feels good to know that your data and systems are protected, no matter what.

Think of a backup and disaster recovery as your insurance policy, designed to keep you operational when something unexpected occurs.

Red Rhombus meticulously analyses your business to formulate an IT backup process perfect for your needs.

How it works

1. Book a call

We’ll explain how we can help you be prepared for anything.

2. Complete a 3 month trial

Discover how good it feels to make just one phone call and have your IT problems disappear.

3. Get your time back

We take care of your IT so you can take care of business.

The cost of not being prepared is high.