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Finally, someone who will take accountability for ALL your tech problems.

When you work with Red Rhombus, everything technology related is ‘in scope’.

This means we don’t pass the buck, shift the blame, give your staff the runaround, or tell you to speak to someone else.

While most IT providers will support some component of your IT, we support everything technology-related, whether we sold it to you or not. Printers, phones, internet, apps, mobile devices… you name it.

We take care of IT so you can take care of business.

What you can

We fix your problems
for good

When we solve your IT problems properly, it makes our lives easier too because we’re accountable for all your tech.

Single point
of contact

From now on anytime technology is slowing you down, you and your staff will know to call 1300 746 628. Unlimited support across all your tech.

Transform IT from a money pit
to a profit centre

Get confidence in your technology spend. No more wasted time, effort and money with your IT working like a well oiled machine.

We specialise in businesses that move, make & build

We understand the unique requirements of these industries and how to optimise your technology for maximum efficiency. We can even optimise and support your ERP.

Meet the team

Nick Costelloe

Managing Director

Dave Booth

Service Delivery Manager

Bridget Costelloe

Relationship Manager

Pablo Araujo

Orchestrion Manager

Kris Manché

Dr Business Central

When IT is sucking up your time and money, something is wrong.

After working for some of the biggest managed IT providers in Australia, I was appalled at the low level of service. Customers got handballed between vendors and problems never got properly resolved.

At Red Rhombus, we wanted to change that. We have created a business model with unlimited IT support across all technologies, which means solving your problems for good is a benefit to both of us.

That is why we are committed to being accountable for all your IT problems. When we say we take IT off your plate, we mean it.

– Nick Costelloe

How it works

1. Book a call

We’ll show you how to save at least 5 hours per week

2. Complete a 3 month trial

Discover how good it feels to make just one phone call and have your IT problems disappear.

3. Get your time back

We take care of your IT so you can take care of business.

Customers who have had their IT taken off their plate

  • Bernard Wai - General Manager
    Our IT systems now enhance our business operations and I have full confidence in daily operations knowing the system is supported by Red Rhombus.
    Bernard Wai - General Manager
    Sentry Medical
  • Mat Carroll - Director
    Our IT Systems were a major source of inefficency in our business and required constant support. After engaging Red Rhombus we now have a reliable network that just works, and our staff are more productive and engaged with their work as a result.
    Mat Carroll - Director
    Radcoflex Austalia
  • Danni Griffiths - Operations Manager
    After trialling several IT companies over the 14 years we’ve been in operation, we are convinced there is no better IT support team out there – Red Rhombus are the best of the best!
    Danni Griffiths - Operations Manager
    Business Chicks
  • Scott Kelly - Managing Director
    My staff love your accessibility and prompt service which has in turn taken the pressures of IT management off me.
    Scott Kelly - Managing Director
    Urban Rituelle
  • Andrew Kerrigan - IT Manager
    With Red Rhombus, I know if I have an issue the guy on the other end of the phone can fix it.
    Andrew Kerrigan - IT Manager
    Fifth Quadrant
  • Danielle Butler - Operations Manager
    The team at Red Rhombus have provided peace of mind surrounding our IT systems. Due to their diligence we know our technology strategy is in good hands, and that we can react immediately to unforeseen IT issues, eliminating or minimising system outages.
    Danielle Butler - Operations Manager

    At Red Rhombus, we are as much about providing excellent customer service as we are about providing great tech support.

    Get high-quality support you can count on.