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Here’s a bit about us and how we help businesses like yours.

At Red Rhombus, we partner with clients like you to ensure you leverage the power of technology in pursuit of your evolving business goals.

To do this, our team of professional IT experts provide a consistent service based on industry-leading processes and systems that give our clients an unrivalled understanding and control of their IT.

Our objective is to provide a framework of procedures that allow your staff the freedom to fulfil their individual tasks whilst delivering consistency, compliance and best practice to your whole organisation.

It’s time for a better IT solution.

Nick Costelloe

Managing Director
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At Red Rhombus, we empower your business to gain more visibility, confidence and control over your technology. Let’s chat about your business.

Our story

Nick Costelloe founded Red Rhombus after working for some of the biggest Managed IT providers in Australia. He identified the disparity between the quality of service large enterprises received compared to the small and medium businesses and decided to do something about it.

Red Rhombus was established to be the trusted Managed IT partner for all organisations in the Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics and Professional Service industries. This is achieved by providing alignment, impact and strategy solutions to ensure these businesses optimise their use of technology.

Nick’s wife, Bridget, has since joined the business as a Relationship Manager and together, they have built a reliable team and a system of smart processes that deliver value to clients like no one else can.

Today, Red Rhombus is a thriving IT Service provider with a large range of satisfied clients and a network of strong IT business partnerships.

However, the goal always remains the same: to actively differentiate Red Rhombus as a far superior MSP option in the market based on our comprehensive solutions and services.

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We believe that technology should empower your teams, support your business goals and deliver measurable results. After you experience our level of IT service, Red Rhombus will show you why IT isn’t just another cost of doing business. You’ll understand why IT is the essential business function it has become to the modern business today and how to leverage it. Get a quote now!

Discover the new standard of managed IT
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