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D365 Business Central

Get your business running like

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, support, optimisation, strategy and training.

ERP & IT all in one place for seamless business operations

Decades of specialist experience with businesses that move, make & build

No more on-site servers & maintenance ERP costs

Is your ERP not living up to what was promised?

Maybe you’ve been sold the wrong ERP, or the right ERP has been implemented the wrong way, and now you’re struggling with:

Ballooning costs

Endless customisations

Outages and performance problems

Doubting your ERP choice

Staff still using Excel!

Questioning your choice of ERP partner

Unhappy management and staff

Not knowing what to do next

Red Rhombus’
D365 service:

Reduce downtime

No more unscheduled outages or performance problems.

Reduce costs

No more on-site servers and maintenance costs.

Run your business with one system

Manages accounting, warehouse, manufacturing and more.

Built by Microsoft

Intuitive to use and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365.

Collaborative implementation & training

Structured 16 week implementation so that we understand your business and you understand the system.

Ongoing optimisation & support

Continue to get the most out of your ERP, keep things up to date and staff well trained.

You need an ERP that perfectly suits your business operations.

Red Rhombus works with warehouse and manufacturing companies to seamlessly implement, customise and optimise D365 Business Central.

Our collaborative implementation and training process will help you create your very own in-house expert, with the aim to save you costs and make you less reliant on an implementation partner.

Welcome to a world where ERP makes your life easier, not harder.

Customers who have had their IT taken off their plate

  • Bernard Wai - General Manager
    Our IT systems now enhance our business operations and I have full confidence in daily operations knowing the system is supported by Red Rhombus.
    Bernard Wai - General Manager
    Sentry Medical
  • Mat Carroll - Director
    Our IT Systems were a major source of inefficency in our business and required constant support. After engaging Red Rhombus we now have a reliable network that just works, and our staff are more productive and engaged with their work as a result.
    Mat Carroll - Director
    Radcoflex Austalia
  • Danni Griffiths - Operations Manager
    After trialling several IT companies over the 14 years we’ve been in operation, we are convinced there is no better IT support team out there – Red Rhombus are the best of the best!
    Danni Griffiths - Operations Manager
    Business Chicks
  • Scott Kelly - Managing Director
    My staff love your accessibility and prompt service which has in turn taken the pressures of IT management off me.
    Scott Kelly - Managing Director
    Urban Rituelle
  • Andrew Kerrigan - IT Manager
    With Red Rhombus, I know if I have an issue the guy on the other end of the phone can fix it.
    Andrew Kerrigan - IT Manager
    Fifth Quadrant
  • Danielle Butler - Operations Manager
    The team at Red Rhombus have provided peace of mind surrounding our IT systems. Due to their diligence we know our technology strategy is in good hands, and that we can react immediately to unforeseen IT issues, eliminating or minimising system outages.
    Danielle Butler - Operations Manager

    How it works

    1. Book a call

    We’ll explain how D365 Business Central will transform your operations.

    2. We implement it together

    Our collaborative implementation and training process means you and your staff will understand the system.

    3. Get ERP that runs like clockwork

    Now your business runs on one easy-to-use system that allows you to build and grow.

    Don’t be left behind.

    Get a modern ERP system that will be the backbone of your operations.