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Take IT
off your plate

Sydney’s premier managed IT service for manufacturing, warehouse, construction & professional services.

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Save 300+ hours per year
for managers

A single point of contact
for all IT & tech issues

Transform your IT from a
money pit to a profit centre

You are spending the big bucks on technology. Why is it still taking up so much of your time?

Every week you’re wasting hours dealing with IT problems and the people that are meant to fix them:

Getting handballed between vendors

Unexpected outages

Staff not knowing how things work

An ERP that doesn’t work the way it should

Unforseen costs

The same problem occurring again and again

With Red Rhombus,
you’ll get:

A single point of contact for all things technology

No more wasted time being the go between for staff and vendors.

Seamless coordination of your technology vendors & ERP support

One company is now accountable for all of your technology. No more handballing. No more waiting.

Solve IT problems for good

We become responsible for everything IT related so it’s in our interest to get any problems fixed quickly and permanently.

Since 2016, Red Rhombus has been helping managers put IT on cruise control.

At Red Rhombus we believe IT should support your business, not be a complete headache that sucks up money and gets in the way.

Technology should make it easier to do business. IT should work for you, not the other way around. The best IT is virtually invisible, supporting you behind the scenes without hassle.

Above all else your ERP is critical.

Red Rhombus uniquely understands how manufacturing and warehouse businesses work and can support and optimise your ERP.

Customers who have had their IT taken off their plate

  • Bernard Wai - General Manager
    Our IT systems now enhance our business operations and I have full confidence in daily operations knowing the system is supported by Red Rhombus.
    Bernard Wai - General Manager
    Sentry Medical
  • Mat Carroll - Director
    Our IT Systems were a major source of inefficency in our business and required constant support. After engaging Red Rhombus we now have a reliable network that just works, and our staff are more productive and engaged with their work as a result.
    Mat Carroll - Director
    Radcoflex Austalia
  • Danni Griffiths - Operations Manager
    After trialling several IT companies over the 14 years we’ve been in operation, we are convinced there is no better IT support team out there – Red Rhombus are the best of the best!
    Danni Griffiths - Operations Manager
    Business Chicks
  • Scott Kelly - Managing Director
    My staff love your accessibility and prompt service which has in turn taken the pressures of IT management off me.
    Scott Kelly - Managing Director
    Urban Rituelle
  • Andrew Kerrigan - IT Manager
    With Red Rhombus, I know if I have an issue the guy on the other end of the phone can fix it.
    Andrew Kerrigan - IT Manager
    Fifth Quadrant
  • Danielle Butler - Operations Manager
    The team at Red Rhombus have provided peace of mind surrounding our IT systems. Due to their diligence we know our technology strategy is in good hands, and that we can react immediately to unforeseen IT issues, eliminating or minimising system outages.
    Danielle Butler - Operations Manager

    How it works

    1. Book a call

    We’ll show you how to save at least 5 hours per week.

    2. Complete a 3 month trial

    Discover how good it feels to make just one phone call and have your IT problems disappear.

    3. Get your time back

    We take care of your IT so you can take care of business.

    Sick of being given the run around by multiple technology vendors?

    Now you can simply call Red Rhombus.

    In the daily operations of your business you’re getting handballed between multiple vendors across your ERP, printers, internet, phones, applications, cameras and computers.

    IT should make your life easier. Now it will.

    We partner with warehousing and manufacturing businesses, as well as professional services, to solve and prevent your IT problems.

    From now on anytime technology is slowing you down, you’ll know to call 1300 746 628.

    Take the “SH” out of your “IT”.