What Our Clients Are Saying

We forge long lasting partnerships with our clients. Using our unique approach to technology costs and results ensures our clients are always making smart and informed decisions surrounding their IT.

The team at Red Rhombus have provided peace of mind surrounding our IT systems. Due to their diligence we know our technology strategy is in good hands, and that we can react immediately to unforeseen IT issues, eliminating or minimising system outages.

Red Rhombus have seamlessly transitioned our Company to new technology, increasing our efficiencies. From the outset, they were efficient, responsive and highly professional in their approach demonstrating the quality of their work and communications. I’ve gone from pulling my hair out every other day over something IT related, to just knowing that Red Rhombus has it all taken care of.

Danielle Butler
Operations Manager

After trialling several IT companies over the 14 years we’ve been in operation, we are convinced there is no better IT support team out there – Red Rhombus are the best of the best!

No request is ever a problem; they are efficient, knowledgeable, and great communicators and educators. Not to mention all- round leg ends to work with! We would recommend them to anyone looking for tech support in a heartbeat.

Thanks RR - you’re a dream team!

Jade Madeley
Office Manager
Business Chicks

Faced with challenge of delivering our application seamlessly to our customers via the cloud, we were very lucky to engage with Red Rhombus after they move din to office up stairs. Nick’s extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Server and Azure, enabled Red Rhombus to design and deploy a proof of concept solution, that was scalable, reliable and affordable, and that did exactly what we needed.

As we move into the pilot phase the continued support we are receiving from Red Rhombus has been prompt and professional.

Jay Laybutt
Visio Group

The service we were receiving from our IT Support provider was not upto scratch and our business was feeling the pain as a result. We were constantly experiencing downtime to our networks with servicing logs taking up 1 week to address from date of lodgement.

Staff struggled with day to day operations due to network downtime, our IT systems were outdated, lacked proper monitoring and had no plan to bring them up to date with the latest software offerings.. The company was spending more time dealing with IT and support problems which had to be addressed as they were affecting productivity and the ability to address urgent hospital requests for product.

We then engaged Red Rhombus who resolved these immediate IT issues quickly and then played a leading role in getting our current systems in order and updated. They then worked with individual staff to address all outstanding issues that had been previously logged.

After closing out all outstanding issues, they presented us with a clearly defined roadmap to bring our IT systems upto date with a focus on productivity, reliability and utilization of the cloud. As a result, our IT systems now enhance our business operations and I have full confidence in daily operations knowing the system is support by Red Rhombus monitoring and support.

Bernard Wai
General Manager
Sentry Medical

The level of professionalism and expertise we have received from Red Rhombus is second to none. Out IT Systems were a major source of inefficiency in our business and required constant support. After engaging in with Red Rhombus we now have a reliable net work that just works, and our staff are more productive and engaged with their work as a result.

We believe IT should be functional and hassle free and as a result we would recommend Red Rhombus to anyone that wants their IT to be the last thing on their mind. With no recurring IT issues, we can now focus 100% of our efforts on more important business activities

Mat Carroll

Thank you for your superb support this year Nick.

Since partnering with Red Rhombus, you have improved our systems, massively reduced our downtime and made us a more efficient business. My staff love your accessibility and prompt service which has in turn taken the pressures of IT management off me.

Scott Kelly
Managing Director
Urban Rituelle

I have had the opportunity to work with Nick and Red Rhombus for several years, spanning multiple projects. Nick is an outcome orientated business owner, with the ability to deliver effective solutions, balancing business requirements with budget and over all business strategy.

His extensive knowledge of IT systems and business processes coupled with his passion for solving problems with has left me and the businesses I have run in a much better place on more than one occasion.

Carl Roberts
General Manager

It’s cliché, and often false, to talk about MSP’s offering a virtual CIO. I have found with other providers; promises are rarely kept when it comes to customised strategies. Not true with Red Rhombus, time and effort has gone into actively improving the underlying IT infrastructure so I don’t have to think about it.

With previous suppliers, calls to support were never resolved on the spot and communication was patchy at best. With Red Rhombus, I know if I have an issue the guy on the other end of the phone can fix it. If it’s not a quick fix I know I’ll get communication about when it will be fixed.

The single greatest part about the service I receive from Red Rhombus is that I know if I have even the smallest of dumb questions, I’ll get an answer immediately.

Andrew Kerrigan
Marketing & IT Manager
Fifth Quadrant