Policy and Compliance

Ongoing IT Policy and Compliance for your organisation, guaranteed.

When working together with large organisations and government departments, your IT must comply with their requirements to ensure your security and IT processes meet their standards.

Red Rhombus prides itself in knowing the industry and keeping updated with the latest trends. We use our tested IT system to analyse and align your organisation so that it’s compliant against all industry standards and requirements you need, opening you up to opportunities to collaborate with Government departments and larger companies.

Are compliance requirements holding you back?

Can you confidently tender for a government contract?

Are you even aware of what your compliance requirements are? 

Need assistance with IT compliance?

Red Rhombus offers thorough IT Policy and Compliance solutions for your organisation.

Our offering

With a well-defined and meticulous process, we assess your current compliance standing and formulate a plan to get you where you need to be. Red Rhombus also creates a set of IT Policies tailored for your own business needs.

Process-based on strategy Transparent Updates An Experienced IT Team

Our team ensures an accurate and measurable way of achieving IT compliance requirements by looking at your business’ overall strategy

Red Rhombus values your trust more than anything. That’s why we provide you with direct access to your requests, updates and reports regularly.

Working with Red Rhombus means you are partnering with a team of experts who have a collective IT experience of over 30 years.

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Your trusted Managed IT partner

At Red Rhombus, our aim is to give you a high level of control over your business through your IT.

To do this, we utilise an outlined process to consistently and reliably assess and reassess your IT environment against a continuously evolving list of standards, requirements and policies.

This way, your technology always remains compliant with the latest industry standards.

Why us?

From our regularly updated best practise IT standards, to our quarterly IT system reviews, we ensure clients like you are informed about how your systems are working and how compliant they are when adhering to strict policies and standards.

Red Rhombus believes that when you have control over your technology, you can make smarter business decisions that can affect productivity and profitability, while allowing you to pursue tenders and projects with strict IT requirements.

Experience the new standard of Managed IT. For all IT Policy and Compliance needs, contact Red Rhombus today.

Your business deserves a higher standard of Managed IT

We believe that technology should empower your teams, support your business goals and deliver measurable results. After you experience our level of IT service, Red Rhombus will show you why IT isn’t just another cost of doing business. You’ll understand why IT is the essential business function it has become to the modern business today and how to leverage it. Get a quote now!

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