Red Rhombus COVID-19 Response

Red Rhombus is taking measures in response to the developing situation with COVID-19. 

Our priority is to safeguard our people, allowing us to continue to serve our clients particularly at this time when technology plays a fundamental role for businesses responding to the impact of COVID-19. 

Caring for our People 

Most people at Red Rhombus already worked from home on a permanent or casual basis. From 16 March all staff are required to work from home until further notice 

We have established an obligation to report in the event of a staff member becoming infected or potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus. 

We have ceased all travel by air and all interstate and overseas travel. 

These measures will stay in place until further notice. 

Caring for our Clients 

We began pro-active planning for working from home for all Red Rhombus Managed Services clients in early March. Our team have hosted planning meetings with each of our clients using Microsoft Teams and have extending our coverage of support to include the connection of personal devices to work resources, this includes the installation of VPN clients and Office software and email setup etc. 

We have ceased non-essential onsite visits and will complete essential onsite visits out of hours where possible. 

We have increased our standard business hours to help handle the increased support requirements of people working from home.  

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