Cyber Security Risk Self-Assessment

Your IT Security must meet strict compliance standards.

Are you tendering for Government defence projects?

Take our quick Cyber Security Risk Self-Assessment

$200 billion is currently being invested by the Australian Government into modernising the nation’s defence capabilities.

This has created many opportunities for small and medium enterprises like yours to join the supply chains of ‘Defence Primes’ – companies that deliver many of the major Defence projects in Australia.

Tendering to be considered for as a subcontractor can be a valuable opportunity for you.

However, to work in the Australian defence industry, your business must meet the Department of Defence’s strict IT security and compliance requirements.

Take our quick Cyber Security Risk Self-Assessment

The Department of Defence and Defence Primes expect their suppliers to understand cybersecurity risk and have adequate mitigation strategies in place.

To submit a Government Defence tender application, you must:

  1. Meet all IT security and compliance standards
  2. Have a plan in place to maintain these standards
  3. Be prepared for an audit of your IT environment
  4. Provide detailed answers to their IT security and compliance questions.

They are strict with cybersecurity because if your business is compromised, it can affect the whole supply chain for the project you’re involved with and cause unwanted delays.

Does your IT security meet the Government’s compliance standards? Before you submit a tender application, take our quick Cyber Security Risk Self-Assessment. Through a quick series of questions, it will help you determine if your current measures meet Defence’s security and compliance standards.

After you complete the questionnaire, our IT security experts can assist you to rectify any shortcomings

Take our quick Cyber Security Risk Self-Assessment.

Improve your defence tender submission

To be considered by the Australian Procurement process, your business must be ‘defence-ready’.

It’s important to assess the alignment between your business’ capabilities and Defence procurement priorities – especially when it comes to IT security compliance. Our IT security experts at Red Rhombus analyse and align your organisation so that it’s compliant against all industry standards and Government requirements you need.

  • Don’t let your IT security let you down when applying for a Government Defence Tender
  • Be more than just IT compliant – we can help you go above and beyond to make a compelling impression on a Defence Prime.
  • Working with Red Rhombus means you are partnering with a team of experts who have a collective IT experience of over 30 years.
  • We have developed a system to consistently and reliably assess and reassess your IT environment against a continuously evolving list of standards, requirements and policies.

For all IT Policy and Compliance needs to meet Government Defence requirements, contact Red Rhombus today.

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