Sentry Medical

Who is Sentry Medical?

Sentry Medical is a key distributor of surgical and medical consumables to the public and private healthcare sectors across Australia and New Zealand. Prior to engaging Red Rhombus, IT support was provided by a reactive contractor who was solely focused on resolving issues that had already caused extensive downtime and interruptions.

“Our IT systems now enhance our business operations, and I have full confidence in daily operations, knowing the system is managed by Red Rhombus monitoring and support.”

Bernard Wai, General Manager

The Challenge

Sentry Medical’s IT provider had initially provided an acceptable level of service but had recently been acquired by a much larger provider resulting in a sharp drop in quality. Simple IT issues were taking days to be actioned and weeks or months to be resolved. There was no structured approach to IT planning and strategy, which was making the decision making for the business as a whole difficult.

“The service we were receiving from our IT Support provider was not up to scratch, and our business was feeling the pain as a result.”
– Bernard Wai, General Manager

The Solution

Red Rhombus secured Sentry Medical’s network, refreshed all server and network infrastructure, and prevented further ransomware attacks. Red Rhombus’ Technology Alignment and vCIO services provided an unmatched level of understanding and control for the business’ infrastructure.

The Result

  • Downtime was significantly reduced;
  • The staff could now spend their valuable time running the business;
  • Sentry Medical regained control over IT, allowing the business to make better-informed decisions.

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